TruStack Partners with Wasabi Technologies to Deliver Disruptive Price and Performance Model for Cloud Storage

TruStack has partnered with Wasabi to deliver innovative storage technology at 1/5th the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees.

Wasabi hot cloud storage is simple, predictable, and affordable. It enables organisations all over the world to store and instantly access an infinite amount of data at 1/5th the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees. Wasabi enables immediate and dramatic price and performance efficiencies for our partners and their customers. Until Wasabi there’s never been an affordable, fast way of storing all your data in the cloud. Wasabi hot cloud storage allows businesses to transform their data into a strategic competitive weapon by enabling them to keep all of their data affordably and giving them immediate access to the data that will allow them to innovate their business for future success.

TruStack Technical Director, Russell Henderson said ‘We had been looking for an immutable storage target for backup data for some time. We already follow the recommended practice of having multiple copies of data held on at least two different storage media types with one being off-site where feasible. However, with the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks, we wanted to be able to offer an offsite, cost-effective, easily accessible, and highly secure immutable offering.

Looking at the marketplace Wasabi seemed to be one of the leaders in this field. A key requirement for us was to have object lock capability with a major backup vendor such as Veeam and to have very little management overhead for the immutable storage itself. Wasabi offers the required storage locations in terms of European data legislation, their Veeam integration was solid, price wise they are very competitive and they provide an MSP management overlay which keeps administration time low.

From a client’s perspective, there is no difference in how they manage their backups once the storage target is set up, providing a secure and easy to consume option at an affordable price for our clients.’

Marty Falaro, EVP & Chief Operating Officer at Wasabi said, ‘The new partnership with TruStack is meaningful because of the unique value they bring to the MSP community and our company in the UK. Wasabi’s hot cloud storage empowers MSPs to further enhance their offering and provide data storage at a disruptive price and performance model. Through the partnership with TruStack, we will continue to grow and scale at a rapid rate together.’

Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. It enables organizations to store and instantly access an infinite amount of data at 1/5th the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees. Trusted by tens of thousands of customers worldwide, Wasabi has been recognised as one of technology’s fastest-growing and most visionary companies. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi has secured nearly $275 million in funding to date and is a privately held company based in Boston.

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TruStack Announces Security Operations Partnership with Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf Security Operations Solutions Give TruStack Customers Industry-Leading Capabilities to Tackle the Increasing Dangers of Advanced Cyberattacks

TruStack has teamed with Arctic Wolf®, the leader in security operations, to help proactively protect organisations against today’s advanced cyberattacks. Arctic Wolf pairs the intelligence and the scale of a cloud-native platform with the world-class insight of security operations experts to provide organisations with protection against emerging and existing threats.

TruStack is a leading Managed Services Provider based in the North East of England. Amongst its many clients, TruStack counts several of the North East’s Top 200 companies – including Muckle LLP and Collingwood Business Solutions – as well as big names across the UK such as the Natural History Museum and Vertu Motors. TruStack has enabled many of its customers to work from home over the past year-and-a-half by providing hardware such as laptops, as well as software, enhanced security solutions, and unified communications.

“Arctic Wolf is excited for the opportunity to support TruStack’s efforts to expand their product portfolio by offering our security operations solutions, a critical capability that many of their customers are specifically requesting,” said Bob Skelley, senior vice president of Global Channels, Arctic Wolf. “Cyberattacks threaten companies of every size, and organisations are increasingly seeing the need for external security operations expertise, especially when they don’t have the in-house cybersecurity talent to manage their evolving security needs.”

TruStack Commercial Director, Phil Cambers said ‘We are really excited about the new partnership between TruStack and Arctic Wolf. We can’t wait to offer these services to our customers and help enhance their security posture even further. In a world where cybersecurity is constantly changing, our customers need to be offered the best protection available from cybercriminals.’

Arctic Wolf is the first to deliver a complete solution that gives organisations the protection, resilience and guidance they need to defend against cyber threats, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, Managed Cloud Monitoring and Managed Security Awareness —each delivered by the industry’s original Concierge Security Team.

The Arctic Wolf® cloud-native platform is delivered by the industry’s original Concierge Security® Team who act as an extension of an organisation’s internal team, providing 24×7 tactical coverage and ongoing strategic security recommendations that continuously improve a business’ security posture.

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TruStack to continue ‘Hybrid Working’ despite COVID announcement

TruStack has vowed to keep working away from the office in spite of Boris Johnson’s latest announcement – and it believes most companies will do the same.

TruStack has enabled hundreds of organisations across the North East and beyond to implement ‘Hybrid Working’ practices during the pandemic, where staff are able to work effectively and securely from a variety of locations.

And TruStack has practiced what it has preached by having employees working mostly from home, with limited staff in both its Houghton-le-Spring Support Centre and its Cramlington head office at any one time.

Now, in spite of being told his employees can return to the office, TruStack’s Commercial Director Phil Cambers has revealed that high levels of productivity and keeping staff happy and healthy mean his business will keep working in this way for the foreseeable future.

He also believes this will be the same for the majority of North East and UK businesses that have implemented Hybrid Working practices.

Mr Cambers said: “Even though Boris Johnson has said we can go back to the office, we are going to continue doing what we are doing – nothing will be changing at all.

“Before the pandemic many businesses may have been unsure that their employees would show the same levels of productivity as in the office with all the distractions at home, but for us and many of our clients productivity has never been higher, and staff are happy.

“Only yesterday I carried out a survey with a cross-section of our staff and I asked them if they’d rather work in the office, just from home or a mixture of the two, and everyone said they’d prefer a mix.

“From our point of view, nothing is broken, so there is nothing to fix!”

He added: “In fact, some of the more forward-thinking businesses we know were starting to move to a Hybrid Working model before the pandemic even started.

“I think that a more general move towards Hybrid Working would have taken place without the pandemic, but Covid-19 has sped the process up – what would have taken five years has taken 18 months.

“Hybrid Working is the future – it is here to stay, in spite of whatever the Government tell businesses they should be doing.”

Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday will bring its ‘work from home’ order, brought into effect in March last year, to an end on July 19.

Recent data from the Office of National Statistics showed 25.9% of people – or 8.4m people – are currently working from home compared to 12.4% of people before the pandemic.

TruStack has enabled many of its customers to work from home over the past year-and-a-half by providing hardware such as laptops, as well as software, enhanced security solutions and unified communications.

It carried out a survey with some of these customers to gauge their reaction to the new way of working – and the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Seventy five percent of those surveyed said they expected employees to carry out more hybrid working in the future, while 100% said they had a more positive view of hybrid working as a result of Covid-19.

For more information on the services that TruStack can provide around Agile or Hybrid working please click here.

IT company predicts full-time office work will become a thing of the past

An I.T managed services company which specialises in helping businesses work from home has predicted only a tiny fraction of North East companies will have all workers back in the office full time in the future.

IT managed services specialist TruStack has enabled hundreds of organisations to implement ‘Hybrid Working’ practices during a year of lockdowns, which first began almost a year ago on March 26 2020.

After consulting many of its customers and suppliers, TruStack’s Commercial Director Phil Cambers believes most businesses will introduce Hybrid Working in the future, where employees regularly switch between working from home and from the office.

Mr Cambers said: “I haven’t spoken to a single client or supplier who have said that all of their workforce will be returning to the office once lockdown restrictions have ended.

“Each one has said they will be operating a level of Hybrid Working, where employees are able to seamlessly switch between multiple locations.

“We believe this will be the way the vast majority of companies across the North East will be working, and this will be the same for businesses across the UK in general, too.

“Whether you are talking about an IT company, housing association, law firm or even a manufacturing company with administration staff, a percentage of that workforce will be working from home in future.“

This past year TruStack has enabled many businesses to be able to work in a hybrid fashion and continue operating during particularly challenging times.

Mr Cambers added: “Working in a hybrid fashion may sound easy but there are many critical considerations which businesses need to be aware of.

For example, it is vital to ensure security is as robust as possible now the four walls of the office have become scattered over an entire region.

“The traditional boundaries of companies’ networks no longer exist so ensuring their home and remote workers are secure is of paramount importance.

“To enable employees to be able to work from any remote location, it is of paramount importance that businesses maintain the same level of security for devices and users working outside of the office as they would within the office.”

One business that TruStack has helped navigate Hybrid Working is Durham-based CDS Security & Fire, which says it plans to continue working this way in future.

Rosie Abbott, Managing Director of CDS Security & Fire, said “TruStack were on hand every step of the way to ensure that we had everything set up correctly so that our customers felt minimal if any disruptions as we moved to Hybrid Working during the lockdown.

“We would not hesitate to call upon TruStack again as they responded to our requests with professionalism and speed during what was an unknown event.

“Much like many other companies, moving forward our employees will be working both from home and from the office, and it’s largely thanks to TruStack that we will be able to do that.”

Away from Hybrid Working, TruStack specialises in end-to-end managed IT services including Cybersecurity and Unified Communications. You can contract TruStack by clicking here.

TruStack Helps its Neighbour as it Expands Across the Globe

Experienced Managed Services Provider (MSP), TruStack is helping one of the North East’s biggest brands – which happens to be one of their neighbours – in its continued expansion across the globe.

Outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer Montane, which is based in Ashington, Northumberland, has huge plans to expand its presence in various international markets in 2021 after significant investment in 2020.

As part of Montane’s expansion, TruStack – located just a few miles down the road in Cramlington – has provided Montane with an enhanced backup and Business Continuity solution to support its projected growth and expansion.

The recent project saw TruStack deliver improvements to back-up and disaster recovery solutions for Montane, adding to the other solutions already in place.

Montane has also commissioned TruStack to enable staff to work from home, allowing them to access a key line of business applications such as Sage, remotely.

Montane said its neighbour taking comprehensive care of its IT has allowed the business to focus on what it hopes to be a huge year ahead.

Director at Montane David Soulsby said: “We are very happy with our partnership with TruStack.

“In the next six to 18 months we are going to go through a lot of changes as a business and will be relying even more heavily on TruStack to support us on this journey.

“We have had other companies around try to pick up our business but we have never had any reason to part ways with TruStack – we have never had an issue that they have not helped us to overcome.

 “We have been in business for more than 25 years and things have changed a lot for us. No longer can we approach our IT needs on an ad hoc basis. We need to have the proper systems in place to take us forward to support the growth trajectory we are on.

“We like to leave IT to the IT experts and there’s no-one we’d trust more to take on this role  than the team  at TruStack.”

TruStack was formed following a merger of three companies in 2019, and provides end-to-end managed IT services and specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications and Agile Working solutions.

Its team of expert engineers recently enabled hundreds of organisations to work from home during lockdowns.

Amongst its many clients it counts several of the North East’s Top 200 companies – including Muckle LLP and Collingwood Business Solutions – as well as big names across the UK such as the Natural History Museum and Vertu Motors.

Montane began working with one of the companies that formed TruStack more than 11 years ago, and the continued partnership shows TruStack is doing something right, according to Commercial Director Phil Cambers.

Mr Cambers said: “2020 has shown that no matter what sort of business you are you need to invest well in IT, like you would in bricks and mortar.

“What we offer is a well-designed, personalised IT solution that offers stability, and gives companies like Montane the platform they need to go out and do what they do and be successful.

“Montane is a huge, North East brand, that is almost a household name now. It is fantastic to be able to work with a business like that.

“The fact that Montane has worked with us for so long and has continued to trust us to help provide the foundations they need to succeed and grow shows we are doing things right.”

For more information on TruStack go to or call 0191 250 3000.

Hacker warning for businesses with employees working from home

IT security experts are warning businesses to take steps to combat hackers as working from home becomes more common during the Covid-19 pandemic.

TruStack, based in Cramlington, specialises in Agile Working Solutions and Cybersecurity and has enabled hundreds of organisations to work from home during the recent lockdowns.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show a quarter of all employees are currently working from home (, but this number could increase if more areas are put under tighter regulations in the coming months.

Now TruStack’s experts have warned that many businesses may not realise the full security implications of its employees moving from working in an office to working from home.

Technical Director Russell Henderson said: “Business data of all types is of value and anybody can be a target, with methods of stealing this data more sophisticated than ever.

“Continuous scanning to find vulnerabilities in businesses security and to exploit threats occurs, and it is likely attacks will become more frequent as well as more complex, so no matter your business size you need to be focused on keeping your data as secure as possible.

“Home networks tend to be far more open, with so many devices – e.g. smart speakers, internet games consoles, smart phones, smart TVs, doorbells, home alarms – potentially sharing a network and broadband with work devices.

“All of this increases the possibility of a piece of malware, or ransomware, finding a weakness and exploiting it, potentially allowing it to find and spread in the local network.

“Remote workers need strong security and those systems need stringent monitoring to protect the business’s data.”

It is predicted globally that companies will spend more than $137 billion in 2020 to protect against cyber threats.

Meanwhile technology research company Gartner has predicted the global cost of security attacks on businesses will be around $3.9 trillion.

Mr Henderson said there are many steps businesses can take to shore up security but that a multi-layered approach is needed to keep data safe.

He added: “No business can rely on a single product, platform or device to protect its data but there are some key steps to take to give your business the best chance of protecting against cyber attacks.

“These include having a quality firewall, implementing a quality antivirus platform for user devices and servers, carrying out security patching, having a multi-factor identification process and investing in a robust backup and recovery solution.

“These are just some of the protection measures that TruStack consults around. Ultimately, businesses must have a security-first mindset, from bottom to top, where protection of data is an absolute priority, as we transition towards a largely agile workforce.”

TruStack provides end-to-end managed IT services and specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications and Agile Working solutions.

Amongst its many clients it counts several of the North East’s Top 200 companies – including Muckle LLP and Collingwood Business Solutions – as well as big names across the UK such as the Natural History Museum and Vertu Motors.

It has enabled many of these clients to work from home recently, and has also been following its own advice with almost all of its workforce undertaking agile working.

TruStack Celebrates First Year!

When IT company TruStack was formed following the merger of three well established IT businesses in September 2019 nobody could have predicted what the next twelve months would bring.

However, a year later , having faced the challenges of merging three business, adapting to Coronavirus and fundamental changes to the way businesses work, TruStack has emerged as a success story from the North East IT industry.

The company, which provides end-to-end managed IT services and specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications and Agile Working solutions, is celebrating its one-year anniversary achieving an impressive turnover of around £9m.

It has increased its workforce by 20 percent from 44 to 53, as well as increasing the number of apprentices employed from two to five, as the company looks to invest in regional young talent.

TruStack’s Commercial Director Phil Cambers said the company’s impressive figures were due to the business’s ability to continue to provide the same exceptional level of service during a year of lockdown and restrictions caused by COVID-19.

Mr Cambers said: “When we launched TruStack a year ago following the merger there was no way of knowing the challenges that we and almost all other businesses would be facing in the coming 12 months.

“However, thankfully we have been able to adapt to the change of working conditions and continued to provide the high level of service our clients expect from us.

“This has not only been reflected in our revenue figures but also in the fact that we have been able to grow our company.

“Importantly, we have been an integral part of enabling our clients to continue doing what they do, by providing them with the infrastructure and support they need to work effectively during the pandemic, and enabling them to work remotely in a safe and secure manner.

“Who knows what the next 12 months will hold, but I am confident that the expertise and dedication of our staff will help us overcome any challenges that may be thrown at us.

“Hopefully we can continue to see success and a continued growth in the business, and help fellow North East businesses to see the same.”

TruStack was formed following a merger of three IT companies – SITS Group, PCI Services and Pivotal Networks.

It has since completed hundreds of projects, working with several of the North East’s Top 200 companies – including Muckle LLP and Collingwood Business Solutions – as well as big names across the UK such as the Natural History Museum and Vertu Motors.

TruStack prides itself on being able to remove the burden that supporting IT systems can bring and adds a level of on-demand IT expertise to help businesses by either augmenting their current IT team or outsourcing it completely.

Support services are one of the many services it offers – after installing a client’s infrastructure, its experts are always on hand to manage and monitor operations, enabling clients to focus on the day-to-day running of their business.

Importantly, it has enabled the vast majority of its hundreds of active clients to work from home during the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

And TruStack has also been following its own advice, with almost all of its workforce undertaking agile working, which is has actually benefitted the company.

Mr Cambers added: “We have encouraged agile working for years – I have always said that work is something you do not somewhere you go.

“We have taken on several new staff since the Covid-19 crisis began, all of which has been made possible by using the technology that we sell, carrying out our interviews, company inductions and training online.

“It goes to show how the world of work is changing, and we are there to help businesses across the country to enable their agile workforce and maintain the same levels of productivity from anywhere.”

TruStack, which has its head office at Northumberland Business Park, Cramlington, and a branch office at the Evolve Business Centre, Houghton le Spring, has also done its bit for charity.

Despite the pandemic, TruStack has managed to raise around £2,500 for its charity partner Tiny Lives, which supports premature and poorly babies and their families at the Neo-Natal Unit at the RVI Hospital, Newcastle.

For more information on TruStack go to or call 0191 250 3000.

TruStack supports NCFE in business transformation

Almost a decade after they partnered for the first time, two of the North East’s most forward-thinking and flourishing organisations are looking forward to a healthy future together.

Digital business experts at TruStack have completed a transformation of IT systems at NCFE, a leading provider of educational services for more than 170 years.

TruStack was formed last year after the merger of SITS Group, PCI Services and Pivotal Networks, with SITS installing NCFE’s IT infrastructure back in 2013.

Not-for-profit organisation NCFE, which designs and certificates technical qualifications as well as offering assessment and educational technology solutions, decided to update its systems to keep pace with the organisation’s growth.

NCFE was pleased to continue its long-standing relationship with TruStack, a business which prides itself on giving clients ‘innovative solutions and expert support’.

Nick Evans, NCFE’s Information Security Manager, said: “TruStack has always supported us on our business journey. We feel that they are almost an extension of our own team.

“Our engineers trust their engineers. That respect between the organisations from an engineering level to managerial level has been born from a long-term relationship between us.”

“However, there was nothing to say that we were definitely going to go with TruStack for the project, but when it came down to it no one else could provide the same level of support and respect that we have received from them.”

“I have always felt they are not there just to make money from a client – they care. They had a vested interest in making sure the project was successful and that is what they did.”

In the past five years NCFE has seen its turnover more than double and its workforce increase from around 200 to more than 450 employees.

Security is vital to NCFE, with the organisation contributing to the success of millions of learners at all levels, in a range of sectors.

From September, it will take responsibility for delivering one of the government’s new T-Level qualifications, with five more to follow in 2021. 

Lindsey Gibson, Head of Group IT at NCFE, added: “We help learners from all walks of life to progress in their education and into employment, in line with our core purpose to ‘promote and advance learning’.

“We are firmly focused on the future and TruStack is a key partner in helping us to grow and increase our reach and impact.”

TruStack’s engineers spent eleven days planning for, and delivering, the project at NCFE’s head office at Quorum Business Park, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with the project going live in December.

Liam Holliday, TruStack sales manager, said: “It was a case of giving NCFE a platform to host its business applications that would last well into the future. 

“We pride ourselves on getting things right first time, and we are pleased things have turned out so well for NCFE in the latest stage of our partnership.”

He added: “We can never rest on our laurels. We see every opportunity we get like it’s a new business. 

“By treating every customer like a new customer we give ourselves the best chance possible of winning their business next time.”

TruStack works with hundreds of companies across the North East and beyond, including several of the North East’s Top 200 companies including Unipres (UK) and Vertu Motors. 

Other clients include the Natural History Museum and Collingwood Business Solutions.

TruStack has its head office on the Northumberland Business Park, Cramlington, with a branch office situated at the Evolve Business Centre, Houghton le Spring. If you are interested in finding out more please click here.

Important Updates To Office Support

Office 2016 for Mac and Office 2010 will reach their end of support on October 13, 2020. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, bug fixes, or security updates for Office 2016 for Mac and Office 2010. You will still be able to use these versions of Office, but over time, organisations will face an increase in security risks and compliance issues.

Running legacy platforms allows security exploits to be leveraged against businesses and so retaining Office 2010 which Microsoft will no longer patch or bug fix is a significant risk.

Therefore because of the changes listed above, we strongly advise that you move to a current agile platform such as Microsoft 365.

Those who have Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus will not be able to maintain the accreditation as the Microsoft platforms will not be patched. To have these accreditation’s patches must be deployed within two weeks.

Why Move to Microsoft 365?

Businesses who adapted best to Covid-19 were those who were already using current technology and leveraging tools such as Teams, securely ahead of the lock down.

Those business were already benefiting from agile working practices which their staff and clients benefited from. Meanwhile, others were left unprepared and looking for last minute solutions to remote and agile working, this is now the opportunity for those businesses behind the curve to pull themselves into the present day with up to date technology.

Benefits Include

  • Reduction in on premises infrastructure to manage by moving to the cloud.
  • No long contracts. The ability to flex up or down depending on the size of your workforce. Removes uncertainty should there be a sudden increase or decrease in staff members.
  • Always entitled to the latest version of the software.
  • Easy license management. 
  • Experts on hand at TruStack to help guide you through your journey.

Contact us today to claim a FREE 30 minute consultation.

You can also read more on Agile Working by clicking here.

We’re Hiring!

At TruStack our vision is to build a sustainable and socially responsible organisation that is trusted by our staff, our customers and our vendors to provide outstanding customer service and innovative solutions.

After a period of rapid growth, team TruStack are hiring for a number of roles!

Are you enthusiastic about telephony or networking and being part of an experienced team of industry specialists? If yes, we may be the perfect fit for each other!

If you are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, solving complex problems and full of ideas then you might be the person we are looking for to join us at TruStack.

We have the following two roles available for immediate start;

  • Telecoms and UC Engineer
  • Systems and Networking Engineer

In return we will commit to a full on boarding schedule, a competitive remuneration package and access to ongoing personal development.

For more information and a full job specification, please email [email protected]

Please note we are not accepting applications from recruitment agencies at this time.