Cyber Essentials

The simplest way to protect your business

The benefits of Trustack and Cyber Essentials certificates

  • Effortless security
  • Rapid certification
  • Proactive risk management
  • Comprehensive device security
  • Staff training
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Trusted leading companies
  • Continuous protection
  • Protection from 98.5% of cyber threats
  • Gain the ability to bid for government tenders
  • Win new business by demonstrating your cyber credentials
  • Get £25,000 worth of insurance once certified
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Each year, more than 50% of SME’s are targeted by cyberattacks, with many lacking adequate defence.



We all know cybersecurity is important.

But when you’re a small business with limited resources, it can be tricky to know where to start. Most off-the-shelf options are expensive, complex and designed with larger enterprises in mind. 

Trustack employs a cyber essentials/plus approach to start you on your security journey.

Cyber Essentials


  • Super-fast certification
  • Pass first time
  • No recharge fee
Achieve Cyber Essentials certification quickly and get your £500 certificate for free through us. Cyber Essentials covers essential protections against cyberattacks, reducing cyber risk by up to 98.5% and demonstrating your commitment to cybersecurity.

Get free cyber insurance liability coverage

Coverage includes

  • Cyber and private liability
  • Media and advertising liability
  • Regulatory defence and penalties
  • Breach response services
  • Website recovery services
  • Data recovery costs
  • Cyber business interruption costs
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Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Independent audit
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • External port IP configuration review
  • Email defence checking
  • Antivirus review
  • Browser malware check
  • Reporting
  • MFA configuration
  • Unlimited attempts and support
Prove your cyber credentials and protect your business with Cyber Essentials Plus, which includes an independent assessment and covers 98.5% of cyberattacks. Eligible if you completed the standard certification within 3 months.
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“Thank you so much Steven!! From start to finish it has been pain free and you have been so supportive! A real contrast to last time!!!”

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