Trustack and vCISO services

vCISO – Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

What are the benefits of using the services of a vCISO?

A vCISO is a security expert who uses their years of industry experience to help organisations develop and manage the implementation of their information security program. Cost is the major prohibiting factor for employing your own vCISO however, through Trustack you can now have a vCISO as a service. We work with your organisation to identify weaknesses and develop a strategy to improve your information security framework.

Peace of Mind:
A vCISO ensures your organisation’s information security, compliance with laws, and risk management, aligning security with your business goals.

Tailored Security Strategy:
Each organisation has different security needs. Our vCISOs will collaborate with you to create a personalised security plan that fits your business goals.

Our experienced vCISOs focus on cybersecurity.
They can offer expert guidance to help your organisation deal with the constantly changing cyber threats.

Affordable Option:
Instead of hiring a full-time vCISO, we have teamed up with Fisk Consulting. You only pay for the services and time you need, making it a budget-friendly choice for businesses of any size.

We combine in-house expertise with strategic partnerships, including Fisk Consulting

As one of Trustack’s partners, Fisk Consulting adds value to organisations to improve cyber resilience and meet compliance requirements. We ensure that your business stays compliant and secure.

Do you know if your company is adequately protecting confidential information? Is it meeting with customer expectations and compliance requirements?

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Four core areas of a vCISO


Cybersecurity requires effective implementation and operation of security controls to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We often encounter situations where the controls are in place but not functioning as needed. We ensure this by understanding requirements, employing proven tools and techniques, and implementing monitoring, metrics, and alerting for ongoing control effectiveness.


Understanding your position in the current cyber threat landscape is crucial for maintaining a strong security posture. We ensure your efforts to build cyber resilience yield maximum value for money.

Planning & Management

Cybersecurity planning involves creating a strategy and roadmap to achieve your cybersecurity objectives, ensuring clarity in your tasks based on assessment findings. Effective management is crucial to staying ahead of threats. We offer customised security management services to implement and execute strategies, ensuring proactive measures safeguard your digital assets.


The most commonly used information security frameworks are ISO 27001, NIST, and SOC2, which provide organisations with guidance on best practices for securing their data. Achieving compliance with these standards ensures that organisations are following industry best practices and are better prepared to respond to security incidents.

We’re proud of our client and vendor relationships, some spanning over a decade.