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Did you know?

‘Configuration errors are to blame for 80% of ransomware’


– Microsoft Cyber Signals Report; Extortion economics

This is why the need for proactive security tools and machine learning is so vital to maintaining your security. 

Don’t let configuration errors be your business’ downfall!

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Device misconfigurations remediation

Trustack in partnership with Gytpol are aware that device misconfigurations are a huge problem for your cyber security.

Misconfigurations are not software flaws but the result of default settings, human error, and non-applied policies. 73% of organisations have critical security misconfigurations. These have the potential to act as security threats by exposing sensitive data, systems and services.

1 out of every 3 security breaches originates from misconfigurations, highlighting a neglected area of attack surface. Threat actors and malicious entities will exploit these areas which are evident as 2,200 + ransomware attacks exploit misconfigurations each year.

Monitoring security threats across all your workstations and servers can be difficult and demands a skilled team and consistent effort to maintain visibility at all times. As a result, security teams face significant challenges to ensure minimal impact on an organisation as they remediate.

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Why use Gytpol for your security solutions:

Eliminate security blindspots:

  • Continuous monitoring with automatic remediation of all your assets.
  • Demonstrate that you apply your policies across the network.
  • Remote workforce visibility and risk analysis
  • Lateral movement detection

Next-generation active directory assessment:

  • Continuous monitoring of AD
  • Detection of real-time attacks

Advanced compliance:


  • NIST, Microsoft security baseline, MITRE ATT&CK Framework,
  • Achieve a higher level of compliance with Gytpol intelligence coverage.
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Secure device configuration


  • Bugs in the software itself causes a security risk.
  • Remediation only by the vendor releasing a patch.



  • Software configuration causes security risks.
  • Remediation requires the operator to reconfigure it.

Protecting 3,000,000+ devices & a trusted partner of Trustack

At a glance what is Gytpol and how can it improve your cyber hygiene:

Gytpol offers full protection with continuous monitoring of all your devices. As well as accurate detection and fast remediation of security blind spots, device misconfiguration, and human errors.


Gytpol auto remediates by automatically detecting misconfigurations. This makes it possible to remediate in bulk across your operating systems with a single click. The process automatically removes risks rapidly to ensure your security. By doing so, we simplify the remediation process to ensure business as usual for users and devices.

Gytpol's key capabilities to address these problems:

SD-WAN is quickly becoming the top choice for businesses wanting to improve their WAN infrastructure. Here’s why:


Gytpol aims to solve problems like manual configuration, errors, lack of visibility, and compliance issues by providing these capabilities. They provide a comprehensive solution for managing device configurations effectively.

Gytpol's key capabilities to remediate devices with one click, patching, automation

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