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Arctic Wolf - A leader in security operations

Trustack is a leading
security-focused, managed services partner.

We dedicate ourselves to helping organisations protect their critical assets from advanced cyber threats.

To do so, we partner with Arctic Wolf – a global security provider. Trustack earned Partner of the Year & multiple Partner of the Quarterawards through our dynamic partnership with Arctic Wolf. These awards are a shining reflection of our commitment to exceptional performance and customer service. 

As a Gold Pack Partner, we are excited to collaborate with you, leveraging our Artic Wolf partnership to deliver cutting-edge security solutions.

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Why choose Trustack as your Arctic Wolf partner

Alongside our commitment to performance is our expertise in sectors like Manufacturing, Legal & Professional Services, Housing, and Architects. At Trustack, we are here to support your business with a range of services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, or security consulting, we have you covered in the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Together, we ensure that your organisation maintains strong security operations by strengthening your security measures.

An Arctic Wolf deployment with Trustack will allow you to be prepared with for any sophisticated cyber threats such as ransomware attacks, security breaches, phishing attacks, threat actors and other malicious activity. 

As security professionals, we believe your data security is most important.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from Trustack & Arctic Wolf:

Cutting-edge security solutions:


We offer a range of cybersecurity services designed to protect your organisation from evolving threats. From advanced threat detection to real-time response, we’ve got you covered in the long term.

Tailored threat detection:


We provide tailored threat detection and response, allowing you to stay ahead of cyber risks specific to your business.

Proactive monitoring:


With Arctic Wolf, you can expect 24/7 proactive monitoring of your network and endpoints. This means having peace of mind by knowing that continuous monitoring will identify and mitigate potential threats swiftly.

Expert support:


Our cybersecurity experts dedicate themselves to your success. If you have any questions or need help, we are here to assist you. Should you wish to maximise our services, we are also available to assist you at every step.

Not 'if' but 'when' you will experience a cyber attack.

Measuring cyber risk and preparing for incidents is incredibly difficult due to the continued evolution of threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures. The rapid digitisation across industries makes it increasingly important to be prepared.


Having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and an effective Incident Response will dictate the impact of the incident.

How to measure cyber risk graphic, displays the likelihood of an incident and the aftermath of an incident

Despite new technologies emerging every year, high-profile breaches continue to occur.

To prevent these attacks, one must adopt a new approach by focusing on security operations. That’s where we can help.

Arctic Wolf accelerating risk graph, statistics of cyber risk, dark blue and orange graphics

Since 2023 – there’s been accelerating risk and security events:

Resulting in a 48% increase in Cybercrime Losses in 2023​​

Are you aware of your external exposure?

Being aware of cyber hygiene and risk exposure is vital for the health of your organisation. Regular risk assessments and penetration testing are vital for your protection, as external remote access accounts for 39.0% of exposure.

orange graph of the external risk exposure company face, cyber environment
Solutions delivered by your Arctic Wolf security teams

Arctic Wolf’s Incident Response team deal with more than 1000 cases per year of all threat types. 

The core services the team address include: Digital Forensics, Restoration & Remediation and Threat Actor Negotiation. 

Managed Detection & Response

Advanced threat detection and response.

Managed Risk

Continuous vulnerability and risk management.

Managed Security Awareness

Prepare employees to recognize and neutralise attacks.

Incident Response

Recover from cyber attacks with tailor-made incident response plans.

How does Arctic Wolf’s Security Operations Center (SOC) work:


Fill your team’s skill gaps by partnering with our Concierge Security and Triage Security Teams. Trustack’s security experts in liaison with Arctic Wolf to deliver expert solutions.

Security operations is the solution

Cybersecurity is a field that requires 24×7 vigilance and constant adaptation. Arctic Wolf’s Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Security Team deliver uniquely effective solutions, directly from our security analysts.

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We’re proud of our client and vendor relationships, some spanning over a decade.