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Trustack and Delinea provide privileged access management

Trustack, with Delinea provide cloud-ready, enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM).

PAM solutions that put privileged access at the centre of cybersecurity strategies.

Discover, manage, provision and delegate seamless access to privileged accounts and endpoints.

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Protect privileged access to tighten your attack surface


Adaptive authorisation controls and unified auditing make enforcing and proving requirements easier


Manage privileged access across shared credentials and all identities


Deploy elastically within Delinea’s secure cloud-native architecture


Save time and reduce risk right away with wizard-driven setup and configuration

Solutions for your business:

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Privileged Access Management solutions offer valuable tools to manage and secure privileged accounts. The solutions are carefully crafted to enhance your business operations by streamlining access control and monitoring processes, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.


We enhance online security with features like multi-factor authentication, encryption, and real-time monitoring. This helps to protect your sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access to critical systems and information.


Privileged Access Management solutions accelerate success by equipping you with the tools to manage privileged accounts effectively. By automating and simplifying access management processes, your team will be able to focus on strategic initiatives and drive innovation within your company.


We promote growth and innovation by providing a secure platform for managing privileged access.

Secure Credentials

Enterprise Vault

Discover, secure, manage, monitor, and audit access to privileged credentials

Establish a secure vault

Discover unknown accounts

Manage secrets

Control privileged sessions

Control sessions

DevOps Vault

Establish vault

Centralise secrets

Automate & scale

Issue certifications

Service Account lifecycle

Control and manage service account governance

Establish workflow

Delegate ownership

Provision service accounts

Enforce governance

Decommission accounts

Privileged Remote Access

Remote Admin Access
Privileged remote access for local
 Establish remote access within the network
 Manage sessions
 Centralise controls
 Record sessions
  Track and audit activity


Vendor Privileged Access
Privileged remote access for vendors and third parties
 Centralise & manage third party access
 VPN-less & browser-based
 Streamline deployment
 Record sessions Track & audit activity 

Privileged Elevation


Enforce least privilege on servers with identity consolidation and MFA at depth Consistently enforce least privilege Enforce adaptive MFA Granular privilege elevation controls Host-based auditing & recording.



Implement least privilege for workstations
Windows & Mac
Manage local accounts
Elevate user privileges
Elevate applications
 Improve productivity

We’re proud of our client and vendor relationships, some spanning over a decade.