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Trustack assesses your environment, through a non-invasive and non-intrusive external scan. 


Risk Areas included in your scan:

  • Social engineering 
  • Network security
  • Application security 
  • Dark web traces 
  • DNS health 
  • IP Reputation External Vulnerabilities 
Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. A digital interface displaying various cybersecurity elements. Prominent text reads "HACK ATTEMPT FAILED" and "USER SAFE" with fingerprint and shield icons. Background includes a network grid, scan indicators, and a silhouette of a person amongst circuit-like patterns, resembling a Telivy security audit in action.

Areas of assessment

Network Security

Keep your networks, devices and data safe and secure by discovering any potential entry points for cyber attacks – from both inside and outside your organisation.


Data Security

Protect your data from attacks that can encrypt, modify, corrupt or destroy data, such as ransomware. Ensure data is available to anyone in the organisation who has access to it.

Application Security 

Identify, assess, and manage the potential risks to applications used by employees

Social Engineering

People are often the weakest link in security strategy. Test resilience to email phishing and application password detection attempts to gain access to restricted areas and exfiltrate confidential data.

Advantages to knowing your risks

  • Continuous monitoring: Stay ahead of emerging threats with ongoing scans.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify & address vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. 
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure adherence to industry standards & regulations.
  • Resource Optimisation: Allocate resources strategically based on actionable insights.
  • Enhanced resilience: Strengthen your cyber defences to withstand evolving threats. 
Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. The image displays two dark blue cards with icons and text. The top card shows a magnifying glass with a checkmark, labeled "Continuously Monitor." The bottom card shows a web browser window with an alert symbol, labeled "Gather all vulnerabilities." Telivy enhances security by auditing these aspects diligently.

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