Why business connectivity is the key to success


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23 June 2023

We live in a rapidly changing world.

People say that all the time, of course, but at the moment it is demonstrably true, and nowhere more so than with business technology.


The Covid pandemic acted as a catalyst. According to a McKinsey survey at the time, business leaders said the pandemic accelerated their digital transformation strategies by between three and four years.


Additionally, the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios accelerated by seven years. The technology that businesses adopted over those 18 months to meet the challenges of COVID-19 have become adopted into an integral part of everyday life. By some estimates, digital transformation has progressed more in the last year or so than in the previous five.

Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. A group of people sit around a conference table in a modern office setting. Overlaying the image are various digital icons representing communication, business connectivity, and data, depicted within a circular, holographic display suggesting a globally connected network—the key to success in today's world.

Redefining Success

The upshot is that many businesses can no longer operate without VoIP, video conferencing or cloud storage. Slick e-commerce operations and online customer services have become routine, regardless of business sector or size.


Some of these recent innovations started as sticking plaster solutions for the challenges of lockdown, but they’ve quickly morphed to meet the long-term challenges of equipping permanent remote and hybrid workforces. By doing this, they are improving efficiency and productivity for businesses, but also raising new concerns.


If your digital requirements have changed, is your connectivity infrastructure robust enough to cope?


Or to put it another way, stuttering video calls and frozen file downloads are no longer acceptable. At the same time, employees need to be able to work as easily and efficiently away from the office as they can in it.


There’s no longer an excuse for underwhelming digital experiences. Your technology needs to meet the requirements of a new world of work to drive growth, encourage collaboration as well as meet customer demand and expectations.

The foundations of digital transformation

To achieve this, your business’s connectivity infrastructure must lay the robust groundwork necessary for constructing a digital-centric future.


We’re all doing a lot more online today than ever before. But thanks to that increased digital reliance, the consequences of an underpowered technology stack are much more serious now than they were previously.

The risks of poor infrastructure

If you lack the proper digital infrastructure, you stand to lose the potential business-improving advantages offered by the most recent communication and productivity technology. Without a reliable infrastructure, you risk internet outages and bottlenecks that throttle data, freeze applications, restrict cloud adoption, and hold your business back.


The latest business-enhancing technologies – whether cloud computing, big data or the Internet of Things (IoT) – rely on robust connectivity. Fast efficient internet connectivity is the key to super-smooth video conferencing, fast file downloads and efficient customer service; it drives your e-commerce operation and hybrid working model.

Trustack - Your connectivity experts

With so many demands, it can be an intimidating topic to approach. That’s where Trustack comes in. 


Our connectivity experts can ensure you have the speed and bandwidth you need to meet your current business needs and future ambitions.

Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. A digital illustration depicting a global network. It showcases user icons connected across a world map through lines and various digital symbols, such as graphs and Wi-Fi signals, highlighting the concept of business connectivity as the key to success in global communication.

Want to learn more about business connectivity?

As a business, choosing the right connectivity is one of the most important business decisions you can make. 


Our Business Connectivity Guide will help you understand the options you have available.

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