Five reasons to source VDI through TruStack & VMware

There have been a few false starts over the years with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but over the last 18 months, the use case for VDI has become much stronger.

The technology itself has come on leaps and bounds compared to the days when agile working was feasible for just a small subset of office-based, application-based workers. So, why should you consider investing in VDI now and why should you work with TruStack and VMware to implement it?

  1. There are far more workloads and use cases we can address now with VDI. In the past, high end graphics workloads, voice calling, and video conferencing were a struggle. But with the advent of NVIDIA graphics cards, better profile management and protocol optimisation it’s now possible to put almost any workload on a virtual desktop and provide a near office-based experience to the end user. All the features and integrations you would expect are there, and there are far fewer restrictions.
  2. Agility within a business isn’t just about being able to work remotely: it’s about being able to move quickly to new markets, recruit from new locations, change your software layers almost overnight, and bring in new ways of working. If you’re allowing people to work the hours that suit them, from wherever they are, you need a conversation not only about VDI, but about mobile workspaces – working from a phone or tablet. There are questions about security that you need to consider before you even think about on-prem versus cloud.
  3. The value an experienced MSP like TruStack brings is the ability to tie all components together. We define your solution holistically, from initial consultation and proof of concept to ongoing support and management. We’re technically led, so our technical director assesses which products in a vendors’ stack are suitable and we test them internally before bringing them to market. We can even spin up a Horizon VDI environment in a couple of days so you can get hands on with it before committing.
  4. Being able to control, manage and maintain your desktops from a centralised location takes many of the pain points of IT admin away. We talk about user experience, but your IT department’s experience is important too. A move to VDI brings most of their day-to-day challenges within easy reach in the data centre. VMware have also added Horizon Assist, so IT support can easily connect to anyone’s desktop session. Some organisations are even using this as an onboarding tool for new remote starters.
  5. Every managed service provider will claim to be different, but it’s true that TruStack have been involved in the delivery of VMware’s Horizon-based solutions for many years and been shortlisted for several awards over that time. Over 13 years we’ve developed a strong working relationship with VMware as a vendor that brings tangible benefits to you as the end customer.

Watch TruStack in conversation with VMware here for further insights here.

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