Leading Commercial Law Firm now has threat visibility

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Challenges faced

A leading commercial law firm recognised the need to enhance its cybersecurity measures in the face of an ever-growing threat landscape. Having partnered with trusted Managed Service Provider Trustack for over 10 years, they worked together to implement Arctic Wolf as part of their security operations centre (SOC) solution.


The leading commercial law firm understood the escalating security threats and the need for robust measures to protect their sensitive data. Initially, they contemplated expanding their in-house IT team to bolster their security expertise. However, they realised the limitations of relying solely on internal resources so they sought a trusted partner who could provide an extra layer of security and act as an extension of their team.



Their aim was to consolidate and analyse telemetry data from various sources, including firewalls, Office 365, and MIMECAST. They needed a solution that could efficiently process vast amounts of data and identify meaningful patterns to ensure proactive threat detection.


  • Escalating Security Threats
  • Limited Inhouse Security Expertise
  • Protecting Multiple Data End-Points


  • Multi-Layered Security
  • Real-Time Threat Visibility
  • Tailored Incident Response Playbook
  • 24/7 Named Security Concierge


After extensive evaluation, together with Trustack, the leading commercial law firm chose Arctic Wolf as their SOC solution. Arctic Wolf’s capabilities aligned perfectly with their requirements. The solution offered advanced threat detection by leveraging intelligent analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify potential threats in real-time.


By consolidating and analysing data from multiple sources, Arctic Wolf provided a comprehensive view of the law firm’s security posture. This allowed them to identify vulnerabilities and implement proactive measures to mitigate risks effectively.


The collaboration with Trustack ensured seamless integration and customisation of Arctic Wolf to meet the law firm’s specific needs.

Benefits & outcomes

The adoption of Arctic Wolf and the collaboration with Trustack resulted in several key benefits for the leading law firm. Firstly, the solution provided an additional layer of security, augmenting their multi-layered approach.


By leveraging Arctic Wolf’s advanced analytics and threat detection capabilities, the law firm gained real-time visibility into potential threats, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively.


This proactive approach reduced the risk of security incidents and ensured business continuity. Additionally, the engagement with Trustack provided the law firm with a tailored playbook for incident response, ensuring a coordinated and efficient remediation process.


“The expertise and support  provided by Trustack have been in valuable. Their deep understanding of our infrastructure and their ability to assist in immediate remediation when flagged by Arctic Wolf gives us peace of mind.”


IT Director 
Leading Commercial Law Firm

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