Non-profit social housing provider has peace of mind with 24/7 threat visibility

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Challenges faces

With limited IT resources and the increasing threat landscape, a non-profit social housing provider recognised the need for external support to ensure the safety of their critical data. By working with long term, security focused partner Trustack and leveraging Arctic Wolf’s expertise and comprehensive tech stack, they aimed to enhance their security posture and achieve peace of mind. Like many social housing associations, the non-profit social housing provider became a prime target for cybercriminals due to the valuable personally identifiable information (PII) they possessed. With names, addresses, dates of birth, and bank details of both colleagues and customers at stake they understood the urgency to improve their security measures. They struggled to stay ahead of new threats, lacked a formalised system and process, and faced difficulties in adequately training their colleagues on cybersecurity risks.


  • Internal resource constraints
  • Employees at risk of constant phishing attempts
  • Dissatisfaction of current security posture


  • Easily mitigate threats and create a proactive strategy
  • Regular employee security awareness
  • Dedicated Concierge Security team for 24×7 monitoring


As a security led partner with integral knowledge of the social housing provider’s infrastructure, Trustack understood that moving away from a point solution to a full platform would elevate their security posture. This in turn with the partnership with Arctic Wolf proved to be a strategic move. While considering various options, the key factor that set Arctic Wolf apart was the human element as they required dedicated support that other solutions did not offer. Arctic Wolf’s dedicated Cybersecurity Specialist Team (CST) became an invaluable resource, providing expertise, answering questions, alerting to threats, and assisting in developing roadmaps and security plans. This human-led support became a crucial decision factor for them.
They leveraged Arctic Wolf’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Risk services to continuously monitor the network for potential threats and vulnerabilities. MDR scanned the network 24×7, using machine learning and broad visibility to detect unusual behaviour and possible incidents. Managed Risk enabled identification, assessment, and the securing of their digital environment and attack surface. 


With these tools, they gained peace of mind knowing that their system had constant surveillance and could proactively respond to emerging threats. To bolster staff knowledge, they implemented  Arctic Wolf’s Managed Security Awareness program, which utilised microlearning to provide relevant and easy to understand lessons on cybersecurity. This initiative resulted in a significant reduction in the number of colleagues clicking on phishing emails. By increasing security awareness among their staff, colleagues were held accountable for maintaining a secure environment.

Benefits and outcomes

By partnering with Trustack and Arctic Wolf, the non-profit social housing provider successfully addressed their cybersecurity challenges and improved their security posture. The human-led external support, combined with the comprehensive tech stack, enabled them to proactively mitigate risks, detect threats, and enhance their security awareness. The seamless partnership provided peace of mind and confidence in the ability to protect their critical data.

“Everything is always evolving, so we must evolve and be ready for what’s next.”

Non-Profit Social Housing Provider

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