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Cybersecurity in the Housing Sector


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4 July 2024

Housing 2024 draws some of the brightest minds and leading companies in the housing industry, which saw an impressive turnout this year. Trustack participated as an elite cybersecurity provider, renowned for our cutting-edge solutions and robust protection services.  


Our team was thrilled to be part of this vibrant event, where we had the opportunity to connect with over 80 prospective clients on the first day alone, highlighting the growing recognition of cybersecurity’s critical role in the housing sector. 

People are gathered at the Trustack booth during Housing 2024. The booth features a blue display board with cybersecurity services listed. One person is speaking to three others, and there are informational items on a high table. The flooring is a mix of black and pink.

Cyber Security in the Housing Sector

When it comes to cyber security risks in the UK, the social housing sector may not be the first thing that comes to mind for many people. However, with around 2.4 million homes in their portfolio, the 1,600 housing associations in the UK have a significant responsibility to provide shelter for many families and individuals across the country. 


As part of their crucial role in society, they manage a large amount of personal data digitally, which they are required to protect under the Data Protection Act 2018. This information is private and confidential to their clients, who rely on them to safeguard it as much as they rely on them to offer secure and affordable housing options. 


This is where Trustack aims to meet the needs of the housing sector by providing elite cyber security. As one of our four main operational sectors, Trustack has a strong understanding of the needs in the sector and how to meet them.  


An example of how we apply our expertise: A case study where we strengthened security and safeguarded data for a leading UK Manufacturer.

Leading-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is at the core of Trustack’s mission, and the housing sector increasingly recognises the need for advanced protection. Our discussions at the expo emphasised the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures, such as continuous threat monitoring, incident response planning, and regular security audits. Attendees were interested in our multi-layered defence strategies, which combine the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and neutralise threats before they can cause harm. 

Unifying Communications for Seamless Operations

One of the key benefits Trustack brings to the housing sector is our expertise in unified communications. Our solutions ensure secure, streamlined interactions in an industry where effective communication between property managers, tenants, and service providers is essential. We highlighted how our unified communications platform enhances operational efficiency and fortifies these communications against potential cyber threats. Clients were particularly impressed with our real-time monitoring and encryption features, which protect sensitive information from unauthorised access. 

Robust Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure is the backbone of any housing operation, and Trustack’s infrastructure services are designed to keep this backbone strong and secure. We do this by providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS). We shared our comprehensive infrastructure solutions, including secure network architecture, advanced firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. These services ensure that housing providers can maintain resilient, high-performance networks capable of supporting home technologies without compromising security. 

Cloud and Hosting Services for Modern Housing

The shift towards cloud-based solutions is transforming the housing industry, and Trustack is at the forefront of this transformation. This shift highlights the need for cloud security as well as strong cloud infrastructure. Our cloud and hosting services offer scalable, secure solutions for managing housing data and applications. This is essential as our cloud solutions offer housing providers the ability to expand and modify their IT framework to meet their individual needs while also ensuring data security and compliance with regulatory standards. 

Disaster Management & Recovery

In a time where cyber-attacks can disrupt operations at any moment, having a strong disaster management plan is crucial. Trustack’s disaster management solutions ensure that housing providers can quickly recover from any incident with minimal downtime.


Our team at the expo shared insights into our comprehensive disaster recovery plans, which include data backup, failover systems, and rapid response protocols. These solutions were well-received by clients who understand the value of preparedness in maintaining business continuation and protecting sensitive data. 

Ensuring Reliable Connectivity

Reliable connectivity is essential for the modern housing sector, enabling everything from smart home technologies to tenant communications. Trustack provides connectivity solutions that ensure fast, secure, and reliable internet access across housing properties.


We do so by securing Wi-Fi networks, and VPNs for remote management, and providing high-speed internet access for all users. Our connectivity solutions are designed to support the growing demand for smart, connected living environments. 

Our experience at the 2024 Housing Expo

Our experience at Housing 2024 was incredibly rewarding, offering a unique platform to engage with industry leaders and highlighting how Trustack’s wide range of cybersecurity solutions can transform the housing sector. 


The warm responses from participants underscored the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in this rapidly evolving industry. Trustack remains committed to partnering with housing providers to ensure that their operations are not only efficient and innovative but also secure against the growing landscape of cyber threats.


We look forward to continuing these conversations and building strong, secure futures for housing providers and their communities.


Together, we can create a housing sector that is as safe as it is smart. 


Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. A trade show booth for Trustack Cyber Security & IT Services at Housing 2024. The booth features a central wall with text about data security threats, a small table with pamphlets and a globe, and two large screens displaying information about Trustack's services and security solutions.

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