What is a Veeam Vanguard?

A Veeam Vanguard is someone that is committed to excellence in delivering Veeam solutions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone with a public presence doing blog posts etc, it could be internal champions at a workplace. There are a lot of Veeam partners who have staff members that design and deliver solutions everyday – they make up some of the Veeam Vanguards. There are roughly 70 Vanguards worldwide and about 5 or 6 in the UK so it’s a pretty prestigious position to hold! Each year you must apply to get into the programme and to do that you have to demonstrate what it is you have done to deserve to be in the programme. For example, do you promote Veeam, are you an internal champion at work, or do you work for an MSP and deliver core Veeam services.

What are the benefits of being a Veeam Vanguard?

One of the main benefits is the private chat channel with all the other Veeam Vanguards. It is a place where you can discuss any challenges, or ideas you may have with an exceptionally talented group of people. You get direct access to product management within Veeam and our opinions are listened to a little more closely on the direction that products are heading, they certainly appreciate our feedback.

As part of this you went to the Veeam Vanguard Summit – what exactly is that?

The Veeam Vanguard summit is an event that Veeam host once a year. They gather all of the Vanguards from around the world to a particular location, this year it was in Prague, and deliver 2.5 days of solid content where you can interact with the product management team to get an idea of what Veeam’s roadmap is and what products they are working on. As you would expect from an event like this there are a lot of NDA’s and general updates on special features and new products that are due to be updated soon. It is also an opportunity to catch up with your virtual Vanguard peers, in person and shoot the breeze.

Is there anything that you can tell us from the event that isn’t under NDA?

There is! Veeam version 10 is imminent and is currently in Beta, due to be released in Q1 2020. There are a couple of new features in there which our customer base has certainly asked for. There is NAS back-up, so the ability to back up files from a file server or NAS device. There is continuous data protection which as the name suggests allows you to protect virtual machines with near zero-time difference between the protected copy and the live copy. Veeam backup for Office 365 will be introducing the ability to backup to Object based storage as well, so things like Azure Blob, AWS S3 or S3 compliant storage.

I’m guessing there is quite a lot that you can’t tell us?

Yes, there are quite a few things that I can’t say – if I could give a hint, take a look at Veeam’s messaging at the moment. They are marketing themselves as a full cloud data protection company, its not just your VMware environment anymore. I’m not sure when the NDA is going to be lifted on those ones, but I can keep you updated.