Insight Partners announced earlier this week that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Veeam Software, one of the leaders in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management.

Under the ownership of Insight Partners, Veeam will become a U.S. company, with a U.S.-based leadership team, while continuing its global expansion from offices in 30 countries and with customers in over 160 countries.

Following an investment from Insight Partners at the beginning of 2019, the acquisition, which is expected to be closed in Q1 2020, will enable Veeam to accelerate its Act II (Veeam’s evolution into Hybrid Cloud), help the company expand into new markets and continue its growth trajectory whilst growing its share of the U.S. market

Veeam have reassured all partners that there will be no change in day to day operations and they are still 100% committed to those like TruStack.

Bill Largent, CEO, Veaam said ‘It’s business as usual, only now we will have a greater opportunity to ensure we continue to innovate and deliver the solutions and support you have come to expect from everyone at Veeam.’

TruStack Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, Ian Sanderson said ‘It’s quite interesting the takeover by Insight. Veeam being a Russian company meant they were locked out from a lot of US accounts due to their heritage. However, the buyout means that 2 of the Directors have stepped down and are being replaced with a new American board of Directors which will now enable them to get into certain accounts they couldn’t get into previously.

Veeam as we mentioned have communicated to the channel that it is business as normal, and we fully believe this.

However, what is interesting is that unlike other buyouts that we have seen, Insight are continuously investing money in Veeam and their products which can only be beneficial for both IT providers like TruStack, and end-users.’

Any questions, TruStack are happy to answer.