Can agile working and VDI work for you?

We recently talked in our ‘In Conversation With…’ series about the changes we’ve seen in the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) marketplace over the last decade, and how TruStack – in partnership with VMware – can make sure agile and hybrid working works for your business. This post covers some of the highlights, but make sure to check out the video for more insights.

VDI advances

When VDI first emerged, there was an expectation it would be the same kind of panacea for desktops that virtualisation had been for servers. Of course, reality turned out to be more complicated. However, since March 2020, the use case for VDI has gained momentum. Covid-19 acted as a global proof of concept of the benefits of VDI and virtualised applications, and the technology itself has evolved massively.

Just a few years ago, high memory, high CPU usage workloads like Petrel and CATIA did not typically work well in a virtualised environment. But close partnerships between VMware and the likes of NVIDIA mean almost any workload can now go onto a virtual desktop and provide a close to office-like user experience. There’s also been a big push to provide support for voice and video calling. Agile working with VDI is no longer for just a small subset of office-based, application-based workers.

Workplaces adapt

Now, more companies are embracing remote working and remote recruiting, allowing employees to travel more and work the hours that suit them, so long as they are productive. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and certainly, Covid-19 meant a lot of VDI projects progressed much more quickly than they would otherwise.

Our implementation of Beyond Housing’s VMware VDI solution was already well underway in late 2019. The organisation wanted to manage its desktops more centrally. As always, we first consulted to ensure the technology was a good fit before performing a proof of concept. The solution was deployed by April 2020, so Beyond Housing were able to make good use of their investment when they really needed it – as the pandemic hit. We also provide an ongoing proactive support contract to prevent issues before they arise.

Read more about our work with Beyond Housing.

Could it work for you?

It’s not a case of one-size-fits every organisation. Every deployment is different. But one of the real advantages VDI brings is the ease of management. For example, VMware has now added Horizon Assist to their solution, which means your support team can connect to any desktop session and work as if they’re standing alongside a remote user to fix a problem.

Technology advancements in VDI are about making life easier for the IT staff running the environment, making businesses more agile and productive, and making sure user experience is at least as good as in their best environment. With the help of VMware Horizon, TruStack is seeing more people get that all-round experience.

Watch TruStack in conversation with VMware here.

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