Use tech to stay connected – sometimes you can feel cut off from what’s happening in the office when working remotely. By using video calls and instant messaging you can catch up with your coworkers, request information and bounce ideas around the team helping you to feel connected.

1. Did you know that you can send out Team’s conference call details from either within the Teams App or  from Outlook for a handy free of charge conference? You can also upgrade to audio conferencing licencing to include global dial in details.
2. User beware – do you have external contacts within your Teams in Office 365? Be careful when adding attachments that are for internal viewing only!

3. Did you know when on a video conference you can blur your background. You may have confidential information in view of those on your call! You can also use covers for your webcam to ensure you are ready before going live.

4. Double check your audio before starting a Teams call! Do you have your laptop connected to other home devices such as your Echo Dot?!

5. Be careful what you are sharing! Only share the screen that you want to share, you could be sharing important emails, customers details or confidential information.

6. Use of applications – did you know there is a whole host of applications you can add into your Teams, applications such as Trello, Flow, Yammer ect.

7. Did you know that you can record all of your Teams meetings for future playback? Just make sure that you tell the team before you do this!

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