Our Lunch and Learn Session with experts from TruStack and Dell, explored why immutable backups are your last chance option and the only ‘cure’ to ensure that your business is prepared for recover in the event of a cyberattack.
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The saying goes prevention is better than cure…

At TruStack, we talk to our clients about a multi-layered security approach with each of these security layers designed to improve your security posture protecting every part of your business and as the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Layers of Security…

These layers of security controls help to prevent or thwart attacks to your company data and it is more important than ever to invest, monitor and control the threat landscape using this multi-layered approach,  however unfortunately nothing is 100% guaranteed and it must be expected that an attack will manifest itself at some point.

By accepting that the possibility of a cyber attack may happen and with IT Teams telling us that they are finding it a challenge to keep on top of the
volume of logs and the management of the solutions providing the layers of security*, increasingly we are being asked about options for recovery should an attack occur providing businesses with the reassurance that they can recover and recover quickly.* A hosted SOC Solution can help here however not all businesses have one.

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Our Webinar explored how immutable backups can help today’s data-driven businesses enhance their cyber resiliency and accelerate their recovery should they be compromised.

Making your data secure in the current landscape – a customer testimonial

Hear from our of our Customer’s Andy Furness from Unipres about why they have added the Dell Data Domains to their environment and why they choose to work with us as their Trusted IT Partner on their journey to harden their security posture.