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Richard Common

Publish Date:

5 February 2024

Unipres gain improved data protection, faster recovery, and increased peace of mind.


Unipres, a Tier 1 Automotive supplier to Nissan and Renault, embarked on a journey to enhance their cybersecurity measures in response to the evolving threat landscape.


Unipres experienced a significant shift in the role of IT within their organisation over the past two decades. As technology became more ingrained in their business operations, they encountered various challenges. One of the most pressing issues was the rise in cyber threats, particularly ransomware attacks. Recent incidents within the automotive industry in Japan heightened their awareness of the imminent danger. Unipres realised that their existing backup solution was insufficient in safeguarding against these sophisticated attacks. They needed a more robust and secure solution to protect their critical data and ensure business continuity.


To improve their recovery position, Unipres turned to Trustack, a trusted Managed Service Provider. Working closely with Trustack, they identified Dell Data Domain as the optimal solution to bolster their backup and security infrastructure. The key driver behind selecting Dell Data Domain was its provision of immutable storage. This feature enabled Unipres to create secure backup copies that couldn’t be altered, ensuring the integrity of their data even in the event of a ransomware attack. Additionally, the solution offered faster data recovery, enabling Unipres to restore the most recent backups promptly. Trustack played a crucial role in implementing and customising the solution to meet Unipres’ unique requirements.

Benefits & Outcomes

Implementing Dell Data Domain and partnering with Trustack yielded several significant benefits for Unipres. Firstly, the adoption of immutable storage provided a secure environment for their backup data, making it exceedingly difficult for ransomware attackers to locate and encrypt the backups. This ensured that Unipres had a reliable last line of defence in the event of a cybersecurity incident. Additionally, the enhanced data recovery capabilities offered by Dell Data Domain allowed Unipres to restore their critical systems quickly, minimising downtime and reducing the impact on their business operations. The collaboration with Trustack, characterised by their expertise and proactive support, instilled confidence in Unipres and reassured them that their investment was well-placed. Moving forward, Unipres plans to explore further proactive measures to strengthen their security posture and continue their partnership with Trustack for ongoing support and enhancements.


Through a collaborative effort with Trustack, Unipres fortified their backup and security infrastructure, achieving improved data protection, faster recovery, and increased peace of mind. With Trustack’s ongoing support, Unipres is well-positioned to proactively enhance their security posture and continue their successful partnership.

“The implementation of Dell Data Domain has provided us with peace of mind. We now have a secure backup solution that allows us to recover quickly in the face of a ransomware attack. The support and expertise provided by Trustack throughout this process have been invaluable.”‍‍
Andrew Furness – IT professional at Unipres

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