Mitigating phishing attacks for an architecture company

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Challenges faces

A prominent architectural practice sought to strengthen its security posture and address the challenges it faced in terms of phishing attacks and data log monitoring. The company has a workforce of over 350 users and operates across seven active locations, with the growing concern for security and the desire to expand its IT department with security consultants, the company looked to their security led partner Trustack for a solution. The primary need of the architecture company was to strengthen its security posture. With an increasing number of phishing emails and no existing solution in place to monitor data logs, the company recognised the urgency to enhance its security measures. Additionally, the company aimed to improve its overall security awareness and protect its sensitive data from potential threats. Several challenges were faced that prompted its decision to engage with Trustack. Firstly, there was a high volume of phishing emails targeting the company’s employees, posing a significant security risk. Secondly, the company lacked a robust system to monitor data logs, leaving them vulnerable to potential breaches. Lastly, the company desired to expand its IT department with security consultants to ensure a more comprehensive security strategy.


  • Constant phishing attacks
  • Data log monitoring
  • Staff security awareness


  • Elevated security posture
  • 24/7 monitoring of data logs
  • Regular staff security awareness training


Trustack proposed a tailored solution to address the architecture company’s security concerns. The initial solution stack included email security, anti-virus and cloud application security, along with Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Risk services. The involvement of key stakeholders ensured a comprehensive decision-making process. These individuals collaborated closely with Trustack to identify the most appropriate security solutions for the architecture company.

Benefits and outcomes

By implementing the recommended solutions, the architecture company achieved significant improvements in its security posture. The integration of email security, anti-virus and cloud application security enhanced the company’s overall security infrastructure, providing advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities. Additionally, the adoption of Arctic Wolf MDR and Managed Risk services ensured 24/7 monitoring of data logs, promptly identifying and mitigating potential security incidents. The architecture company now enjoys a heightened level of security awareness, with a robust system in place to combat phishing attacks. The collaboration with Trustack has not only strengthened the company’s security framework but also empowered its IT department with the necessary expertise to address future security challenges effectively. 


Through Trustack’s guidance and expertise, the architecture company successfully improved its security posture and mitigated the risks associated with phishing attacks and data log monitoring. The implemented solutions provided a comprehensive approach to security, safeguarding the company’s sensitive data and ensuring a secure working environment for its employees. With a more robust security foundation in place, the architecture company can confidently pursue its business objectives while minimising potential security threats.

“I see no reason why we wouldn’t use Trustack going forward for a long time. It’s great to know that we have that pool of knowledge there that we can kind of tap into and they’ll work their hardest to get us the right solution.”


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