The Threat Landscape is Evolving

A cityscape at night is depicted with tall buildings illuminated by blue lights. Digital lines and nodes connect various points above the city, suggesting a network or digital communication system, hinting at the intricate web of cybersecurity in our evolving threat landscape. The background sky is dark blue.

The threat landscape is evolving – are you? Article Publish Date: As we continue through 2024 and beyond, the legal sector, like all businesses faces an increasingly complex landscape of security challenges.  Unlike some businesses, law firms are custodians of highly sensitive client data.   They must ensure their security policies and controls address the […]

Patch Management: Preventing Breaches

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Patch Management: Preventing breaches Ensuring cyber security In the current digital landscape, organisations encounter a rising multitude of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. To safeguard their systems and data from potential breaches, organisations must give paramount importance to Patch Management. This guide will explain Patch Management, why organizations should use it, and answer common questions about […]

(NGAV): Enhancing Cyber Security and Preventing Breaches

Image of cloud environment in the cyber security environment

NGAV: Enhancing cyber security and preventing breaches In today’s connected world, organisations in every industry are worried about cyber threats and data breaches. To combat these evolving threats, many organisations are turning to Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) solutions. This article will discuss NGAV, why organisations should use it, and answer common questions about this new […]

PAM: Strengthening Cyber Security to Prevent Breaches

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(PAM): Strengthening cyber security to prevent breaches In today’s interconnected and digitised landscape, organisations face a growing array of cyber threats and breaches. To safeguard sensitive data and critical systems from unauthorised access, organisations are increasingly adopting Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. This article will explain what PAM is and why organisations should use it. […]

Security Operations Centre

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Security Operations Centre (sOC) Article Publish Date: Security operations to protect your business 24/7 with the best-in-class cyber security solutions In most cybersecurity breaches, you will not know you have been compromised until the intruder runs their payload which may encrypt your files. In some compromises, there may not be a payload.   The likelihood […]

Your Journey to a Stronger Security Posture

Your journey to a Stronger security posture Article Publish Date: A report from the World Economic Forum has found that cyber security is among one of the major emerging risks to the global economy. The report found there was a 435% increase in ransomware in 2020 and that attacks are becoming more widespread and sophisticated […]