Hosted telephony solution Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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27 October 2023

We have compiled several frequently asked questions about our hosted Telephony System.

This is not an exhaustive list but is designed to cover several commonly asked questions. We acknowledge that every phone system is different, so feel free to reach out to your account manager with any particular inquiries.

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General features set FAQs

What standard Telephony features are included for all users?

Trustack Hosted Telephony platform offers basic phone features to all users without any additional charges. These features include voicemail and call forwarding: 



  • Voicemail
  • Call Diversion
  • Call Pickup
  • Pick up Groups
  • Paging Groups
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Queues
  • IVR (Auto Attendants)
  • Speed Dials
  • Time and date switching (Day/Night Service)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Music on Hold &
  • Remote Access and Hot Desking

Does Trustack Voice require assignment to a set location, or can users easily change the location?

Trustack Hosted Telephony is a cloud-based system, that is easy to implement and scale. It can be set up anywhere with an adequate internet connection for the number of users.

Once a user has been allocated a telephone number no matter where they log in/access the telephone system this number will follow them.

Devices FAQs

Can home/agile users use a Desk Phone, and would they need a POE power source?

  • Trustack provide a range of Desk phone devices that can be deployed on most office and home networks via Ethernet/CAT network cables.
  • Desk Phones are POE powered and connect back via IP to Trustack Hosted Platform with no requirement for a VPN connection.
  • If required, we can provide mains-powered POE adaptors or UK plugs for desk phone devices. Some devices may require a network cable, while others can be connected using a Wi-Fi dongle.

Are wireless phones available with the Telephony System?

  • Apart from Desk phones that can work wirelessly with a dongle, wireless (handheld) phones are also available, these wireless phones connect to the Telephony System through a Wi-Fi connection and only require a handset charging dock.
  • DECT cordless handsets connect to the Telephony System through the DECT Base Station, allowing communication with the handsets using DECT technology. Both solutions provide users who are constantly on the move with a fully featured and integrated cordless phone avoiding the need for long cable runs around a home or office environment.
  • Please see the Hardware list options for further information.

Does the System allow the change of license type on short notice?

  • Users’ license types can be amended at short notice via our included moves adds and changes support. This allows for User licences to be changed promptly. Any licence that is to be downgraded requires a 30-day cancellation notice. Recurring Licences are billed every month, Trustack would have to be instructed on which of the users were to be added/ removed.
  • If you need to change your license, you will be billed for a full month. Users cannot be switched for less than a month (e.g. you cannot use the soft client for just one day).
  • In reality, the likelihood is the user will be better aligned to one or the other and permanently have access to that license feature set only. The change would require an install/uninstall of the app on the user’s smartphone/ desktop. This can become cumbersome when swapping users back and forth regularly.

Management & Support FAQs

Does the offering from Trustack include any Support?

Yes, the system is fully supported by Trustack, covering all aspects of the phone system and includes any system amends, moves adds or changes.

Can Trustack Hosted Telephony provide Realtime call Statistics & user information?

  • Trustack Hosted Telephony includes full wallboard functionality, including visibility of Call Queues Active Calls, Unanswered Calls, Average Answer Time, Daily Longest Ring Call, Inbound Calls per Number, Total Calls Made by Agent, Total Calls Answered, Total Calls Received, Total Calls Missed, Total Calls Available, Longest Waiting Call, Queue – Answered Now, Queue – Waiting Now and more
  • Wallboards are priced per widget on the Wallboard + Initial set up fee – See investment summary for more information.

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony offer any reporting?

  • Trustack Hosted Telephony includes reports for Users (Extensions), Agents and Abandoned calls.
  • Reports can be emailed out daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Call History with different call statuses can be exported as a CSV file.

Call Recording FAQs

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony offer any Call Recording & is there flexibility on calls recorded?

  • Call Recording is available and controlled by adding Call Recording Groups and assigning users to the relevant recording group.
  • Recording Groups can be set to record inbound calls, outbound calls or both.
  • Subject to recording requirements, each Recording group can be set to record from 5% to 100% of the calls and email the recordings to an email address/es or upload to a publicly accessible FTP/sftp site.
  • Call Recording is an additional cost to any of the base licenses (TSV, TSV+ or TSUC) and billed ‘price per minute’ (PPM). Including additional costs for the storage of recordings (if required).

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony include the ability to Listen in/intrude on calls?

  • The system includes Intrude, talk to Extension/User and ‘Barge in’ all available as standard.
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Voice Mail and Emergency Messages FAQs

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony include Emergency Messages, and can users configure them?

  • One activation feature code can control and route all incoming calls to a single Emergency/ Evacuation Message and another restores all incoming calls to their normal destinations.
  • You can set up different numbers with different feature codes.

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony include Voicemail or is this an extra cost?

  • Voicemail is available to all users at no extra cost/included within our base Trustack Voice (TSV) Bundle.
  • Group Voicemailboxes can be added if required.
  • Our system is fully compatible with Voicemail to email, including options to notify or directly email and attach voicemail messages as a WAV file.

‍Call Flow FAQs

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony offer a Multi-Level Auto Attendant?

  • Yes, our platform provides multiple, multi-level Auto Attendants as standard.

‍Does Trustack Hosted Telephony include the ability for Group Pick up?

  • Yes, our system can be configured with multiple pick-up groups which users can be added to.
  • Users can also be added to multiple groups. The system also allows users to pick up calls from users outside their Pickup Group/s (specific extension pick-up).

Can inbound calls be distributed via Longest Available User?

  • Our system’s Call Queue feature is a basic Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system where calls can be distributed in with Least Recently Called, Linear and Simultaneous call distribution patterns.

  • Call Queues can be configured with Mandatory and Hold Messages and can play callers their position in the Queue. The Call Queues are further enhanced with the optional Analytics and Wallboard packages.

Can calls be distributed via Groups and Failover Groups?

We can configure the Hosted Telephony Platform to manage call flows using Hunt Groups. Each Hunt Group has 10 Routing Levels where the system will ring all Group members within a Routing Level before trying all members in the next level. The ring time is configured for all levels. Once the system has tried all the Routing Levels if the call remains unanswered the call be routed to a no-answer destination which can route the caller to an Auto Attendant, Group Mailbox or another group to name a few. 

Are any Queue Waiting / Queue buster solutions included within the system?

Our Call Queue (ACD) system supports the following Queue Buster features.

  • Callers can press * to request a call-back without losing their position in queue
  • We can also route the call elsewhere on the system based upon number of calls present in the queue and/or the maximum in Queue (Wait) Time has been exceeded the set value, each queue can have a different set of values configured
  • Calls can be automatically routed to an alternative destination if the Call Queue is functioning in Day Service/Office Hours however no agents are logged in.
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Contact Centre FAQs

Does the Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform offer a full Contact Centre offering?

  • Trustack Hosted Telephony can deliver a dedicated Contact Centre that provides Omni Channel support. Customers can pick and choose which channels they require and enable.
  • The Omni Channel Call Centre has Workforce Management and a Payment Platform.
  • Please be aware the Contact Centre Upgrade would be an additional charge and bespoke to each requirement.

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony provide skills-based call routing?

  • Standard Trustack Hosted Telephony – Call Queues can be arranged with up to 10 levels of Priority (or Skills) each level would have agents with the same skill value and each level would be then set to Least recently called (longest idle inbound) then the next Priority level would have agents of lesser skills and so on.
  • Omni Channel Contact Centre upgrade – supports the ability to set up one group with multiple agents with differing skills for the different (omni channel) interactions received (i.e. Voice, SMS, Web Chat and Social Media).

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony incorporate the use of Reason Codes?

  • Our Standard Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform offering does not support reason/ wrap up codes. However, does support log out with reason codes i.e., At lunch, Comfort Break etc which Supervisors can see on the optional Wallboard offering. All log out codes are completely configurable.
  • Omni Channel Contact Centre upgrade- Reason codes are available with our advanced Omni Contact Centre offering.

Does Trustack Hosted Telephony integrate with email systems for centralised communication?

  • Our Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform does not support email. However, it can send voicemail messages to any email as a WAV file if necessary.
  • The Omni Channel Contact Centre upgrade – supports email “channel” functionality as one of its Omni Channels.
  • The Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform provides full integration with Microsoft Teams. Users will use the native Teams desktop or mobile clients to make and receive calls centralising the User’s communications.

‍Does Trustack Hosted Telephony offer any API integration for CRM connectivity?

  • Our Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform can support CRM integration with an optional Desktop CTI Application.
  • The Omni Channel Contact Centre upgrade – Can support API integration with a CRM system.
  • If deploying Trustack UC (Teams Integration) the system will integrate with different Applications that are available in the Apps section of Teams.

What is required to integrate the Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform with Microsoft Teams?

  • To provide Teams integration each user will require a Microsoft Shared Devices Licence (formally known as the Common Area Phone Licence) or Phone System Licence depending on their MS 365 subscription.
  • You do not require any MS Calling Plans as all incoming and outgoing calls will be routed over the Trustack Hosted Telephony Platform.
  • With Teams integration enabled the Users will be able to use features from both the Trustack Hosted platform and from their Teams client.

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