Why You Need Multi-Factor Authentication and Thales

Hopefully you will have been on our multi-factor authentication webinar with Thales last week, just in case you missed it, Pre-Sales Technical Consultant Ian Sanderson gives his view on why you need MFA, and in particular, why Thales.

When choosing our multifactor authentication product, it is important to understand our thought process when evaluating the marketplace for a product and more importantly why we were looking.

In the last few years, we have seen a massive swing when it comes to business priorities in IT. You will often find that IT directors and managers mark security as their number one focus on IT spending, and with good reason. Each day we create more and more data which is the lifeblood of many organisations. I would go as far as to say that many businesses would struggle to recover if they lost all their data.

Multi-factor authentication is an important part of a multi-layered approach to securing business assets. A common attack vector is credential theft. Think about what a malicious actor could do if they had access to a corporate Office 365 account or similar. Multi-factor authentication means that even if a user does fall victim to credential theft, it would be near impossible for the malicious actor to use those credentials as each login request would require a unique one-time passcode to login with.

With that in mind, we set out to find a solution that met a set of criteria. Something easy to use, has a rich set of features, is SaaS-based, and offers value for money.

We looked at offerings from Microsoft, DUO, and others which all have their good points, but none of them offered everything we wanted, apart from Thales.

Microsoft is great if you are only interested in securing your Microsoft Ecosystem. DUO was easy to use but required installing various applications on-premises to provide the full functionality of the product.

Thales Safenet Trusted Access allows you to secure many popular cloud workloads such as Office 365 as well as on-premises workloads such as VMware Horizon View and popular VPN solutions. All of this is managed and maintained from Thales SaaS SafeNet Trusted Access platform. No need to install radius or authentication proxy servers.

If you have not heard of Thales before, part of their organisation is the business they acquired when they bought Gemalto in 2019. What you will see here today is part of that Gemalto suite. The name Gemalto may sound familiar, they make products like Passports with the RFID chips, card readers for online banking systems, and importantly, they make One Time Passcode tokens. Those little devices that pop up with 6 digits on that allow you to log in somewhere.

Because Thales make those devices, they can bundle them in with the MFA service, typically at no additional cost. Other vendors we looked at; this was a line item cost. It is important to understand why we think this is a differentiator. Many organisations that would like to roll out MFA may not want users’ personal devices enrolled as an MFA token, or indeed the user may say they do not want any corporate software on their personal device. Having the option to hand out a physical token for those use cases, without incurring an additional charge represents excellent value in our minds.

If you would like more information on MFA, you can watch our on-demand webinar, or drop us an email at [email protected] for your free 30 day trial.

Handy Hints For Agile Working – Office 365

  • Did you know with Office 365 you can access all of your business applications by going to https://portal.office.com? From there you can access everything that you need for the ability to work agile, including Word online, Outlook web access, Excel online etc.

    IT Admins should still be aware that multi-factor authentication should be in place when accessing any apps online.

    Learn more about Thales by clicking HERE

  • Don’t think of Office 365 as just your day to day applications limited to your computer, you can use Office 365 on up to 5 devices licence dependent, for example your tablet or smart phone. You can use OneDrive or SharePoint as a central point to store, share and access information from any device and any location. 

    Remember to keep in mind that Microsoft doesn’t back-up any of your files or data and you will need another solution such as Datto to help protect against loss of information should anything happen.

    Learn more about Datto by clicking HERE

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Handy Hints For Agile Working – Microsoft Teams

Use tech to stay connected – sometimes you can feel cut off from what’s happening in the office when working remotely. By using video calls and instant messaging you can catch up with your coworkers, request information and bounce ideas around the team helping you to feel connected.

1. Did you know that you can send out Team’s conference call details from either within the Teams App or  from Outlook for a handy free of charge conference? You can also upgrade to audio conferencing licencing to include global dial in details.
2. User beware – do you have external contacts within your Teams in Office 365? Be careful when adding attachments that are for internal viewing only!

3. Did you know when on a video conference you can blur your background. You may have confidential information in view of those on your call! You can also use covers for your webcam to ensure you are ready before going live.

4. Double check your audio before starting a Teams call! Do you have your laptop connected to other home devices such as your Echo Dot?!

5. Be careful what you are sharing! Only share the screen that you want to share, you could be sharing important emails, customers details or confidential information.

6. Use of applications – did you know there is a whole host of applications you can add into your Teams, applications such as Trello, Flow, Yammer ect.

7. Did you know that you can record all of your Teams meetings for future playback? Just make sure that you tell the team before you do this!

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Networking Series – Explainer Videos!

Watch our 2nd and 3rd videos created in the ‘Networking Series’ by Senior Consultant, Ross Phillps.

Ross will take you through the basics of Network Access Control and the Cisco Umbrella product. Both videos will take you through the subject in 3 minutes!