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Elevate your IT and security posture.

With over 17 years of experience in cutting-edge technology, Trustack implements and maintains robust, secure systems that drive our clients' businesses.

As cyber security and incident response specialists, we provide best-in-class service in breach mitigation, detection, response and recovery. 


Our customers are our top priority, evident through our exceptional customer service, commitment and accountability. All of which have earned us the trust of our clients. However, it is our constant drive for innovation that ensures our clients stay ahead in technology. From risk assessments to data protection, information security, and long-term security measures; our teams remain future-focused.

We don’t offer a basic support package. After all, we wouldn’t be experts in cyber security and incident response if we did. 

With Trustack your support starts at an elevated level with a responsibility towards security, ensuring that your organisation is always on the front foot when it comes to cyber threats.

Take your support to the next level with Beyond

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The details include product suites, service packages, glossary of terms and more!

Is your business at risk?

Developing a business recovery plan alongside managing risks, recognizing threats, and addressing incidents effectively is essential.

Determine your digital readiness!

Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. Two white rectangles on a dark green background, ideal for home decor; one rectangle is larger and placed at the top left, while the other is smaller, positioned in the center right.
Trustack MSP Cyber Security, IT Services, IT Support. Three green rectangles of varying sizes arranged against a dark green background, suitable for home decor.

We’re proud of our client and vendor relationships, some spanning over a decade.

Relationships built on trust, honesty and integrity.


Andrew Furness

Controller - Information Systems, Unipres UK Limited

“Trustack has been a trusted partner of Unipres for 11 years now. The stack of products they’ve worked with us to implement at Unipres has grown from an initial implementation of VMware vSphere to VMware Horizon, Veaam Backup and Replication and Trend Deep Security to name a few. We feel confident that they will implement IT solutions tailored to our business needs and deliver them to the requirements and quality Unipres expect as an organisation.” 

Collingwood Business Solutions

Michael Ward

IT Director, Collingwood Business Solutions Limited

“Trustack are a trusted partner who have worked with us for a number of years. They know our business and have in depth knowledge of our complex infrastructure whether that be security, networking, virtualisation or any other parts that play an integral role in our success as an IT service provider and Insurance distribution business. Trustack have been a major part of Collingwood’s success working with us to enable us to scale accordingly with innovative solutions and robust security”

Muckle LLP

Andrew Black

Director of IT, Muckle LLP

“We rely on Trustack to help us deliver innovative, cost-effective technology. Their extensive technical knowledge and legal industry experience means they always offer us reasoned, pragmatic advice.”
“Trustack always stay one step ahead when it comes to providing the latest products and services.  They understand our business and work proactively with our IT team to ensure we always deliver the best service to the firm and our clients.”

Beyond Housing

Maeve Collier

Director of ICT and Change, Beyond Housing

“The technology is there to support us from zero-day onwards in terms of looking at threats and there’s the whole peace of mind that we’ve got knowing we have eyes on our system 24×7.”
“We’ve seen more people talk about training and have a better awareness about it. The education side is effective and simple. You drink a cup of tea, and you watched your video, it’s so quick.”

Leading North-East Energy Business

Head of IT

“We have been working with Trustack for over a decade. We have experienced in-house support, but there are always cases where you need a subject matter knowledge that goes beyond what you can carry internally – Trustack are able to provide in-depth technical expertise and access to vendor support that ensures we can get answers to the most technical of questions. We source our core server, storage, and network products through them, from vendor selection, design, and implementation through to support. This provides a level of assurance and risk mitigation that we will always have a partner available with the technical skills and knowledge of our environment to deal with issues swiftly”.

K Home

Commercial Director

K Home International

“After working with Trustack for over 10 years, we commenced on a long project with Trustack to bring our IT network and structure up to date and hopefully beyond. So far, each stage has been discussed and planned so that we know what to expect and have been given options at each stage to consider so that there are no surprises and each stage goes to plan. This has meant that any down time has been minimised enabling us to continue operating throughout, all in all very happy with the progress.”