Accelerate your workloads, automate your savings



  • Advanced auto-tiering – Achieve IOPS goals with the least expensive mix of storage media, even as performance needs evolve. Data Progression and RAID tiering eliminate manual provisioning and help your storage adapt to the unique requirements of each workload. 
  • Deduplication & Compression – Dramatically reduce the raw capacity required to store your data 
  • Multi-array Federation – Gives you the freedom to make fast changes without interrupting applications and users 
  • World-class deployment & support options – From intuitive customer-installable solutions to expert onsite and remote professional services, SC Series has what it takes to ensure your installation goes right the first time. 


  • 0-100% Flash architecture: Target specific price/ performance ratios with any mix of SSDs and HDDs – then modify the mix as your needs change. Add more flash to boost performance, or “cheap and deep” spinning disk as cold data volumes grow. Hot data will always be written to your fastest drives at the fastest RAID levels. 
  • Intelligent Data Reduction: SC Series Deduplication and Compression are applied dynamically at a sub-LUN level to reduce capacity needs while cranking up performance throughout the data lifecycle. Never stuck in a single mode for any given data set, SC data reduction works with Data Progression to consistently drive down expenditures on SSDs, HDDs or both. 
  • Easy Multi-Array Systems: When you’re ready, the innovative SCOS (SC Operating System) software makes multi-array expansion and management a breeze, automating time-consuming, error-prone tasks such as server/LUN mapping. Rebalance or consolidate workloads with minimal effort – and zero interruption to services. 

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