Talk to TruStack – Week One Recording

‘Talk to TruStack’ is here and we will be sharing a session recording with you each week. 

Every Tuesday in July we will be opening our virtual doors to talk to subject matter experts. 

Although these events are not strictly IT-focused, we know that many of you either manage a team or work within a team and we feel that it is important whilst working remotely that we talk through important issues that others may be able to help with. 

Week One 

Muckle LLP – Employees in the remote working environment

Chris Maddock – Muckle LLP

Chris Maddock heads up a team of 10 employment lawyers at Newcastle-based commercial law firm, Muckle LLP. Chris will join us to talk about the work that he and his team have done during lockdown for employers across all sectors and will consider a range of issues including:

  • Hybrid and homeworking and the related legal issues
  • Managing performance remotely
  • Where employment law and health and safety law interrelate
  • What the future working world looks like
  • TruStack Open Forum – Ask the Experts

Stay tuned for week two recording with Insight Mental Health talking about burnout and how to avoid it.

TruStack Lunch and Learn – Datto SaaS Protection

In 2020, businesses everywhere pivoted to remote working styles. As a result, we saw an increase in the adoption of cloud software and services for increased efficiency and collaboration. What many businesses may not know, is that just because data is created or stored in the cloud, doesn’t mean it’s protected. Cloud migration is set to accelerate in 2021, which could put valuable data at risk to cyber attacks without solutions in place to keep it protected.

A big thank you to all those that joined us on the webinar last week, you can find a copy of the recording below.

For more information on Datto SaaS Protection, or backup, please follow this link to take you to our Contact Us page!

TruStack Tech Summit Recordings All of the content from the week!

Couldn’t make the TruStack Tech Summit? No problem! 

You can now get all of the recordings by filling out the form below.

From Microsoft 365 to Thales Multi-Factor Authentication there is something for everyone!

  • Keynote – Directors from TruStack, Reflecting on 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021
    Phil Cambers (TruStack) and Russell Henderson (TruStack)
  • Cybersecurity Today and Protecting Your Data – Thales
    Manoj Bhati (Thales) and Ian Sanderson (TruStack)
  • Complete and Connected Cybersecurity with Trend Micro – Stability in a Changing World
    David Byrne (Trend Micro),Ian Sanderson (TruStack) and Steven Maddison (TruStack)
  • Workforce Transformation with Dell – Working Safely and Productively Wherever You Are
    Jason Bone (Dell Technologies) Andy Crawford (Dell Technologies) and Ian Sanderson (TruStack)
  • Microsoft 365 – Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Subscription? The Adoption of 365 in 20/21
    Mark Davies (Microsoft/Westcoast Cloud), Ian Sanderson (TruStack) and Phil Cambers (TruStack)
  • Round Up – Thoughts and Ideas From the Week
    Phil Cambers (TruStack) and Joe Olabode (TruStack)

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Webinar Recording – Are you getting the most value out of your Multi-Factor Authentication solution?

More organisations are shifting to a remote working framework for the foreseeable future, therefore it is more important than ever to ensure your teams and business assets are safe from opportunistic hackers.

With nearly 60% of organisations sensitive data being stored in the cloud, and over 71% of deployments experiencing at least one compromised account each month; implementing access controls that evaluate risk profiles and implement strong authentication is crucial.

Watch our webinar to hear from Ian Sanderson, Presales Technical Consultant at Trustack and deep dive into the competitive advantages of using Thales STA (Safenet Trusted Access) for your multi-factor authentication security needs.

In the session you will hear about:

  • How Microsoft and Thales Access management solutions can complement each other and enhance your security strategy.
  • How Thales compares to Duo when meeting your access management needs.
  • Real-life use cases to demonstrate how Thales can simplify multi-factor authentication
  • Opportunity to ask those burning questions with Ian Sanderson, Trustack presales Technical Engineer.

For more information on anything you have seen in the webinar, or our security services and agile working solutions, please contact us here.

Cisco Meraki Systems Working in the Real World

Corporate networks are stretched thin by cloud services, SaaS applications, and mobility. Plus, organisations require better connections to branch offices to deliver higher-quality network services. As they transition to a digital business model, their network topologies are significantly impacted.

The adoption of cloud services, the virtualisation of the traditional network, and an increasingly mobile workforce accessing applications in the cloud are accelerating advancements in wide area networking technologies.

We held a webinar with Cisco Meraki Systems Engineer Ben Kersnovske, Lake District National Park Authority IT Manager, Frank Blackburn and TruStack Commercial Director Phil Cambers to discuss the benefits of SD-WAN and how it performs in the real world.

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