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Why you should be planning for cloud telephony and integration with Microsoft Teams

The world has changed and the shift towards new a new normal for workplace collaboration, communication and productivity is here to stay. You can now have confidence that remote and hybrid workers can perform their roles fully and receive a great user experience with the right tools. Cloud-hosted telephony and Microsoft Teams generate real competitive advantage by ensuring your business is more responsive, more agile, and better connected. Now is the time to instigate change.

Analogue is over: the PSTN switch-off and moving telephony to the cloud

Despite major advances in communications and collaboration – and the impending PSTN switch-off – many are not realising the benefits of migrating traditional telephone systems to the cloud for more flexibility, or for integration with Microsoft Teams for the full unified communications experience. One thing is sure, it is important to start planning your move soon, so you have access to the right resources as it gets nearer the deadline date. Talk to TruStack for more on migration.

Secure remote working for all: necessity is the mother of a communications revolution

The global shift to remote and hybrid work has been driven by necessity and it has led to hyperfast shifts in remote everything. Organisations of all sizes have leaned into new communication tools and have adopted and refined a host of systemic and structural changes to define the way they live and work now and in the future.

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Do not delay your move to cloud telephony and unified communications – the sooner you migrate the sooner you start realising the benefits.

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TruStack and Arctic Wolf Lunch and Learn Recording

November Lunch and Learn

TruStack and Arctic Wolf Lunch and Learn – Secure by chance or secure by choice

When security vendors tell you to simply “patch faster” or to replace one technology for another every couple of years, it’s no surprise that many organisations are surviving on a “secure by chance” basis.

Every year, companies like yours spend a significant portion of their operating budget on cybersecurity, yet they don’t receive the correlating reduction in risk.

Incidents and breaches are up, and the risk of ransomware or extortion has never been greater – despite the ever-expanding cybersecurity industry bringing us more tools, more agents, more buzzwords, and more platforms.

In fact, the average amount of time to stop and contain a security breach has now increased to 287 days. That means an adversary gaining access to your systems on January 1st is unlikely to be detected and eliminated until October 14th.

Cybersecurity cannot be addressed by tools alone.

There’s an industry-wide effectiveness problem, and the solution is an operational one.

Join Ian McShane (Field CTO, Arctic Wolf) in this recording to learn how you can use your existing investments in cybersecurity to take a “Secure by choice” approach and rapidly improve your organisation’s resilience and security posture, and how you can sustain it going forward with the people you already have.

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